Everybody has their own unique set of ethics and beliefs, ethicaljobseeker.co.uk do not claim that all companies advertising here will meet the ideals of all job seekers.

We select and promote employers and job roles that are striving to make a positive impact on our world.
To simplify this for the site we have focused on organisations or job roles that strive to have a positive wider environmental or social impact. Therefore, jobs will be accepted under the following criteria:


Any job in an organisation with a strong focus on a positive environmental or social impact.

A job with a positive environmental or social impact within any organisation.

Ethical Organisation Profiles

To have a profile on our site an organisation must have a clear ethos which includes a positive environmental or social impact. We believe that organisations operating within any sector have the potential to positively influence change.

  • B Corporation Certified
  • Certified Social Enterprise
  • Non-Profit Organisation
  • All products are Fairtrade or organic
  • Cruelty Free - BUAV Approved Cosmetics Standard/Leaping Bunny Programme
  • Vegan
  • All products are innovative environmental alternatives
  • Provides business to business services with positive impact
  • Provides/promotes cultural education and learning opportunities for all

Independent checks

If required, we will request independent screenings from our independent screening partners Ethical Consumer, a not-for-profit publisher, research and campaign organisation or Ethical Screening who have been conducting research and analysis for responsible investors since 1998.

To advertise a job

Ethical Job Seeker's mission is to support the growth of ethically minded business through the promotion of job opportunities and investment in environmental and social campaigns. There are many organisations out there who are moving towards a more ethical and sustainable model but are not there yet. We are all about driving change, if the role in the organisation has a clear positive environmental or social impact then we would prefer to advertise it.  These organisations are limited only to posting roles that clearly contribute to improving the environment or society for example a sustainability manager or supply chain professional with a remit for ethical sourcing.

We do not advertise organisations or jobs that derive income or receive significant funding from, gambling, pornography, tobacco, weapons industries and the mining/extraction of conflict minerals and fossil fuels.