At Ethical Jobseeker we put values front and centre of the job match process. After all we invest an incredible amount of time at work, clocking up an average of over 3500 days in a lifetime, so we should try to spend that time applying our skills in a job or with an employer we can believe in…right?

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You are in control

To maximise your job hunting effort you can set up a profile where employers may find and learn about you! You can create a personal statement and highlight your top skills. Remember the best match is two way so you can also tell them a little about what you are looking for.

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Opportunities to match your values

Everybody has their own unique set of ethics and beliefs, do not claim that all companies advertising here will meet the ideals of all job seekers. We select and promote opportunities with organisations with clear intentions of making a change for the better.

Finding fulfilling work that matches your values shouldn’t be rocket science; we screen our employers and jobs so you can be confident that:

•    Our profile employers are influencing positive environmental, social or cultural change
•    The organisations or jobs promoted do not derive income or receive significant funding from,  gambling, pornography, tobacco, weapons industries and the mining/extraction of conflict minerals and fossil fuels.

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