Head of Delivery and Support

LettUs Grow
Customer Service, Environment & Sustainability, Executive & Senior Mgt, Management
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To match experience plus benefits.
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As Head of Delivery and Support at LettUs Grow, you will be an integral member of the senior management team with overall responsibility for delivery of LettUs Grow’s products and ongoing support of our customers.

Job Description

In this role you will ultimately be in charge of the success of our customer’s projects. You’ll be overseeing the delivery teams and contractors for a number of concurrent projects, so you need to be able to keep calm and remain organised no matter what comes up and where in the world we are working. You’ll also be in charge of designing and building our customer support and maintenance teams and working with our key strategic partners so you’ll need to lead by example and show a personable, empathetic side that is key to keeping our customers and partners happy.

You will attend senior management meetings, provide key logistical information to the senior management team and contribute to high level company decision making. You will be overseeing customer hardware and software delivery, managing post delivery support and supporting a team to deliver our controlled environment farming technology across the UK and worldwide. 

We look forward to welcoming you to our diverse team of horticulturists, growers, engineers, marketeers and operational experts, to design and build the next generation of indoor farming technology together. 

Company Description

LettUs Grow is a fast-paced and environmentally conscious start-up based in the heart of Bristol. We design technology for indoor farms with the mission to reduce the waste and carbon footprint of fresh produce by enabling anyone, anywhere, to grow nutritious produce near its point of consumption.

We’ve developed innovative hardware and software solutions that combine efficient aeroponic technology with data collection, automation and operational insights for the farmers and growers of the future. We are scaling quickly to meet the growing demand for this trailblazing technology.