Below you will find a list of the most frequently asked questions. If yours is not there, please use the Contact Form to submit your question.

Ethical Jobseeker FAQ's

How do you assess if my organisation is ethical?

We ask a few key questions during the registration process about your organisational values and structure and complete some initial research to establish how your organisation has a positive impact.

You can find a detailed summary of our process under the Who Can Advertise With Us section of this site.


What is an Ethical Job?

Everybody has their own unique set of ethics and beliefs, do not claim that all companies advertising here will meet the ideals of all jobseekers.

We find and promote opportunities with organisations with clear intentions of making a change for the better. To simplify this for the site we have focused on organisations or job roles that strive to have a positive wider environmental or social impact. You can post:

a) Any job in an organisation with a strong focus on a positive environmental or social impact.

b) A job with a positive environmental or social impact within any organisation.

How do I know if the job I want to advertise would meet your ethical criteria?

Look at the role objectively, like a candidate. The role must demonstrate it impacts the wider environment, culture or society for example.

You can always contact us if you are still unsure.

Why take on jobs from organisations that might not be necessarily ethically driven themselves?

Ethical Job Seeker's mission is to support the growth of ethically minded business. There are many organisations out there moving towards a more ethical and sustainable model but who are not there yet. We are all about driving change, if the role in the organisation has a clear positive environmental or social impact then we would prefer to advertise it.  These organisations are limited only to posting roles that clearly contribute to improving the environment or society for example a sustainability manager or supply chain professional with a remit for ethical sourcing.

We do not advertise organisations or jobs that derive income from the fur trade, gambling, pornography, tobacco, weapons industries and the mining/extraction of conflict minerals and fossil fuels.

Do your job advert credits expire?

Typically, job credits purchased have a 12-month usage. If you have purchased credits and find that you are no longer expecting to use the anticipated volume in time, please do talk to your account manager before the end of the contract and discuss an extension. If you are an ethical organisation looking for a multiple credit package, then don’t forget to consider a profile as it comes with unlimited job credits for the 12-month period.

When will my advert go live?

Our team manually check and approve all new client job adverts and adverts with clients posting under criteria b) above. These jobs are usually onsite within two working hours if submitted by 4.30pm, after 4.30pm it is 11am following business day (12 noon on weekends).

If you have an account with us as an ethical organisation, criteria a), all subsequent jobs posted will not require approval and will be posted immediately.

What happens if you don’t approve my ad?

If your advert is not approved, we will contact you and arrange for your account to be credited or a refund if that is more appropriate.

How long will my job ad appear on the site?

You can choose whatever expiry date you like for your job ads, up to a maximum of 28 days.  If you do not receive any applications during this time, we will repost the role free of charge.

How do I edit my job ad?

You can edit your advert in your account tab. Please note if the advert is changed significantly following approval by our team, we reserve the right to remove the advert if it does not comply with our criteria without refund.

Is there advice available on recruitment?

Yes, all accounts have a Recruiter Advice section on the dashboard, regular topics regarding managing the recruitment and interview process are covered here. If you would prefer hands on support, we can help draft your adverts, job descriptions and conduct screening interviews as well as provide tailored services like creating an employer brand toolkit. If you need help don’t hesitate to call us on 01880 760209 or email us.

Can I use a third-party service to post jobs on your site?

We are a new site and may not integrate with all options yet. We have JobMate as our built in integration tool. We are also happy to integrate with other sites – please just get in touch and we will assist you with the steps required to get this up and running.