Ethical Job Seeker Limited is an online job board and recruitment services provider. Our mission is to support the growth of sustainable and ethically-minded business, by helping purpose-driven jobseekers find opportunities to use their skills to make a difference in an impactful job or organisation.

Everyone has their own idea of what constitutes a good job.
Here at we focus on motivation and positivity that can be generated from using your skills for the common good.

Who can advertise with us?

Organisations with a positive Environmental, Cultural or Societal aims at the heart of their organisation such as companies with 100% fair trade or sustainable products or organisations whose core function is to improve their community, society or the environment. 

Jobs with other organisations with a positive Environmental, Cultural or Societal aims at the heart of the job purpose.

Please note an advertisement on this site does not constitute an endorsement of an organisations employment practices.

Supporting ethical companies

Everybody has their own unique set of ethics and beliefs, do not claim that all companies advertising here will meet the ideals of all job seekers. We seek to find and promote opportunities with organisations with clear intentions of making a change for the better.

We consider our impact on our customers, Community and Environment in all our decision making.

Community Benefit within our articles of association we have capped share holder dividends and outlined our social purpose. At least 60% of our profits will be reinvested into our business or distributed to community and charitable projects.

Our Corporate Grove 

To celebrate our new venture we have invested in a Corporate Grove run by Trees for Life in Scotland.

We aim to plant trees for job posts and profiles purchased.

*This excludes free job postings, unlimited postings with profiles and reposts.

Visit our Corporate Grove here!